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      This information is brought to you by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a world-renowned physician and multiple New York Times bestselling author. He established his website, Mercola.com, in 1997 and today, it is the #1 Natural Health Website in the world. Dr. Mercola is a licensed physician and surgeon in the state of Illinois. His practice first opened outside of Chicago in 1986, where he has treated over 20,000 patients.
      How to Lower Cholesterol Ebook

      The Low-down on Cholesterol: Why You Need It – and the Real Methods to Get Your Levels Right

      Learn 8 STEPS TO HELP LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL. Simply submit your email address below and get the FREE E-book now.



      What Do Air, Water, and Cholesterol Have in Common?

      Like air and water, you can’t live without cholesterol.

      Yes, you read that right. Your body needs cholesterol to function properly.

      Cholesterol is found in your bloodstream and in every cell in your body, where it helps produce cell membranes, vitamin D, and bile acids, and enhances neurological function and the formation of your memories.

      Did you know that drastically lowering cholesterol actually increases your risk of dying? Your liver makes about 75 percent of your body’s cholesterol. You cannot make testosterone, estrogen, cortisone, and other vital hormones without cholesterol.

      In short, cholesterol is your friend!

      Your body wouldn’t manufacture something that will harm itself. However, in the United States, cholesterol has been vilified and is classified as one of the most evil substances for your health. You probably are among the millions of people around the world who’ve reduced fat intake or virtually eliminated fat from their diet because your doctor and all those advertisements had you convinced of cholesterol’s links to heart disease.

      It’s time to lay that harmful myth to rest!

      “The Low-down on Cholesterol: Why You Need It – and the Real Methods to Help Get Your Levels Right” will open your eyes to the truth about cholesterol and why it is so vital for your optimal health, including:

      • What cholesterol really is and why you need it
      • Why there’s no such thing as “good” and “bad” cholesterol
      • Why total cholesterol is not a good indicator of your heart disease risk

      Exposing the Real Villains

      You’re probably asking yourself, “If cholesterol isn’t bad, then why is everyone else saying that it is?”

      In 2004, a special panel composed of doctors from the U.S. government’s National Cholesterol Education Program advised those at risk for heart disease to reduce their LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol to very low levels.

      The panel recommended levels of less than 100 mg, or even less than 70 for those at a very high risk.

      Lowering cholesterol to extremely low levels often requires multiple cholesterol-lowering drugs. And it's no coincidence that eight of the nine doctors on the panel that created the new cholesterol guidelines had been making money from the drug companies that manufacture cholesterol-lowering drugs.

      Without these new guidelines, there wouldn’t be a huge new market for the cholesterol-lowering drugs in the United States. It’s mind-boggling to see that these guidelines are still being preached today because lowering your cholesterol levels is not only absurd but may be dangerous for your health!

      Moreover, numerous studies have revealed that cholesterol-lowering drugs are mostly ineffective, have no medical benefits, and have dangerous side effects!

      Cholesterol-lowering medication works by inhibiting an enzyme needed to make cholesterol in your liver. However, statin drugs also impair important biochemical functions in your body, like deplete the supply of the coenzyme CoQ10, which may lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, soreness, and heart failure.

      So, while cholesterol is still perceived as the villain and “Big Pharma” continues to rake in big bucks from the sale of cholesterol-lowering drugs, inflammation, the real culprit linked to for many health problems, escapes the attention of the medical world.

      Inflammation is your body’s complex biological response to threats, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants.

      For example, if your arteries are damaged, inflammation can cause your blood vessels to constrict, your blood to thicken, and the damage will be patched by a protective scar known as plaque.

      Because no cell in the body can form without cholesterol, the liver produces more cholesterol and releases it in the bloodstream to help replace damaged cells during inflammation

      The plaque, along with the thickening of your blood and constricting of your blood vessels can indeed increase your risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks.

      In "The Low-down on Cholesterol: Why You Need It – and the Real Methods to Help Get Your Levels Right," you will learn:

      • Why inflammation, and not cholesterol, is the real factor that increases the risk of heart disease
      • The harmful effects of lowering cholesterol to much
      • The dangers of using cholesterol-lowering drugs

      Lowering inflammation will decrease the cholesterol levels in your body.

      Check out These 8 Steps on How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

      Experts have gone so far as to call high cholesterol an “invented disease,” which came about when doctors learned to measure cholesterol levels.

      High cholesterol is a worry that you don’t need to have. There’s also no reason to potentially risk your health by taking cholesterol-lowering drugs. You can maintain your cholesterol levels by simply following eight simple steps.

      These eight steps will not only help you lower your cholesterol levels naturally but can get you a step closer towards achieving optimal health.

      The best person to help you get healthy is you. It’s a no-brainer. Take control of your health now!

      How to Lower Cholesterol Ebook
      The Low-down on Cholesterol: Why You Need It – and the Real Methods to Get Your Levels Right

      Learn 8 STEPS TO HELP LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL. Simply submit your email address below and get the FREE E-book now.



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